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ACAD Abilities is a specialist service that offers medium to long-term residential stay, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year, for a maximum of three young people between the ages of 8 to 19 years at any one time.

We have a range of homes that accommodate between two and three young people at any one time, and where intensive support, education and therapy is provided.

Successful outcomes

At ACAD we use SHANARRI in all aspects of our planning and assessment. We focus on an outcome-led rather than an input-led or output-led approach to addressing the needs and concerns of children and young people.

"I am very impressed with ACAD’s commitment to continuously develop its leadership and organisational culture..."
Richie Cameron Head of Public Sector, The Pacific Institute UK


Curriculum for Excellence is about bringing life to learning and learning to life. It has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching and help improve our children’s life chances.

ACAD’s Education differs in its approach from that of mainstream school. Where the mainstream environment or approach is not working for a young person, we introduce an approach to re-engage the pupil in the learning process.

What’s new?

News and events

Applied Care and Development (ACAD) are very pleased to announce that we will be opening a service in the Fife region. This new service is due to open this Summer and will join our existing services in Highland and Dumfries and Galloway. More details to follow soon!

Latest success story

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At a recent leaving care event which was attended by members of staff and the house manager of one of ACAD services. The manager met a past resident of ACAD who we shall refer to as Susan*. Susan took great pride in telling the manager her achievements. Susan is now a proud mother and has passed her HNC Social Care with flying colours achieving an A grade pass. Susan is now a volunteer with a Scottish government sponsored young person’s support service. She also attends conferences and schools to present on her experiences and achievements. Susan said of ACAD, “The staff team should be so proud for all the help and encouragement they gave me. I realise that not only a family can give you love and support, there are genuine people who really want you to do well.” We are so pleased Susan is doing so well and wish her continued happiness and success.
* name changed for reasons of confidentiality

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